Something New! Four Families…

Some changes have been made on the website (; I thought you should know!

My presentation to be made to Kamloops Food Policy Council on the 1st has to be good – and there is only 3-5 minutes available! To give enough information, a hand-out was the only way to go… and if one creates a hand-out, why not use it on the website!?  [I’ll tell you why not: it takes up too much room!! So I’m going to post it in a new post with a link from the website! Oh, the learning curve is steep!]  It’s a description of how four families, in various communities in Kamloops, could be affected by the first Our Heart Gardens.

Mom and Christa and Jane (tonight’s weekly Dinner with the Ladies) all liked it, were excited by it – said it sounded like utopia and too good to be true. I don’t think it is and it is the adventure of a life-time to make it come true! Part of what I’m planning to say on Wednesday is:

Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved with the same mind-set that created them.”  We have problems to solve and we must work with the resources we have. The new mind-set we need must be created by nurturing and empowering people, and cooperation is key.


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