Contacts Are Being Made…

I’m finding the best way to stay on the top of the wave is to paddle like crazy! Being the only one on this paddle-board, holding the momentum is best done by spending lots of time just going over and over the same information – paddling, if you will. In any case, treading water is a better description of what’s been happening!

I spent a day on the computer applying for an annual million dollar contribution from Co-op Community Spaces that was more than half done when it all went away. Lost due to a time limit. I knew the time-out was there but it said “if inactive”, and it wasn’t inactive – I was working on it! I comfort myself that I’ll know it backwards when I get the opportunity to talk about it. I’ve since found out that there is no resurrecting it and I’ll have to start all over. I will have the answers ready before starting next time!

I’m in the process of contacting Thompson Rivers University faculty to introduce myself and the opportunity for collaboration in Our Heart Gardens. Their help in the creation will be invaluable and will provide good experience and a life-long joyful association for the students. And I think I really need to make this happen before I decide upon a location. You see, I’ve seen another place…

And it’s bigger than I thought!  It’s across the road from the Fortune Shopping Centre and has windows on three sides and has a huge expanse of pavement, next door to the RCMP detachment. Did a quick search for retail space looking to see if I could tell you more and, oh my, the RCMP space is coming available in early 2015… that’s now!  I just sent an email to North Kamloops Business Improvement Association about Our Heart Gardens, hoping they would be interested in supporting the idea of having us there. It would be ideal, with the bus loop just a property away!

I’ve been getting advice from people, telling me that I should just concentrate on getting the first Our Heart Gardens location up and running, rather than trying to create the network right away. While I understand and appreciate their concern, I wonder if their advice is right in this case. I remember when I first shared the idea with the Ladies, their response was “It sounds like Utopia!” Many of the target market live on the North Shore and, until the buses have been brought into the organization, a close location would be good for them. While involvement of students of TRU is desired, they have bus passes and can do homework while they travel. I feel it important to remember the Source of the inspiration, the fact that I’ve been guided to this all my life, and that I’m just doing my best to do what is put in front of me, as Guidance suggests. It will all come out right in the end!  Have a little faith…


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