Reality – Darn it!

Darning is weaving a pattern to mend a hole – how it became an expletive is a mystery to me (I’ll Google it sometime) and it’s a great lead-in to Our Heart Gardens, what it is designed to do and where the project is right now.

Our Heart Gardens is designed to mend the holes in our systems that allow people to fall through, their needs unmet, lets people be hungry and disconnected, unloved. Reality – I want to darn it!!

Donovan Cavers, City Councillor for the City of Kamloops, and I met on Thursday to discuss Our Heart Gardens. Sitting street-side at The Art We Are in downtown Kamloops, we talked about the previous evening – 20th anniversary of the Kamloops Food Policy Council. At the outstanding potluck, Laura Kalina, one of the founders and current President, had us riveted for upwards of an hour talking history, how it started from an inspiration to become the vibrant and influential organization it is today. So many diverse elements gathered to address one common goal: a better food supply for our city. I learned that Kamloops, and our KFPC, are leaders in urban food systems. Schools and cities are using books written as a by-product of the pilot programs undertaken. I was so proud.

I was proud also, sitting there in the sun with Donovan, when he said the Our Heart Gardens website is beautiful! He gave me some contacts that I’ll be following up with soon but what I think was most valuable was the realization that I need to engage the people and agencies that will be a part of the daily activities before I try to build one.  As urgently as I want to provide a place that supports the synergistic blending of the KFPC and other organizations to achieve the most best, there’s more development and refining of the vision needed before we can share the reality with the participants, the ones who will benefit most from the dream coming true.

He also said that it is a big idea and it has the potential to be world changing.  Yes!

I think our world needs changing! Change is inevitable – how we react to change is a measure of our maturity and awareness. One of the most important aspects to the change we need is redirecting some people’s energies toward cooperative living and away from trying to be a part of competitive enterprise. The corporate world does not welcome many of us and we need better things to do than beating at that door! With the masculine energy of competition we have fought this far, and now, without a good goal we will defeat each other. By integrating other cooperative and inclusive ways, we can become something new. Feminine traits of interrelating, sharing of resources, sensitivity and compassion will help to support and focus the power we have, all of us together. By respecting each other for the different abilities each has, we can fly like an eagle using both wings, with all our energy!

So, darn it, the reality will take longer than I want but it’s not me that’s driving this bus! Talk to Spirit, by whatever name you use, because the more of us who want it, the faster it will manifest.

Bless you, and all you do…
Shannon McArthur
Sunshine Sparkling on the Waters



2 thoughts on “Reality – Darn it!

  1. Change! … it’s as unavoidable – and as beneficial as the way our bodies change from the moment we take our first breaths to the second we take that last breath – it’s constant – it’s progress. What is most important about change is our attitude toward change. Will we be negative or positive toward the changes as they enter our consciousness? Maturity has helped me to understand that I can fight change or accept change eagerly and when I’m eager, I learn more easier and faster than if I fight it! signed … Shannon’s Mom


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