A Home for One?

We are One. That’s what they say… and I agree – I’ve been putting my money where my mouth is. (Time is money, right?!) When the garden needs seeding, you sow seeds; when it needs weeding – you get the picture. Not to say I’m not vitally concerned with Our Heart Gardens; I am! I also am aware of the politics that govern our communities, the environment that will feed or strangle the growth of Our Heart Gardens. I’ll tell you more when I know more, that I can share. Like good compost, it’s working!

I’ve also found some really good information, one of which I’m going to share with you because this is what Our Heart Gardens IS, with a few tweaks (like 24/7/365 indoor gardens for unscheduled volunteers whose contributions are exchanged with meals and bus tickets!) I am confident that, with organizations like this, new community food-growing facilities like Our Heart Gardens will find the support they need.

Community Food Centres Canada

I’ve already posted a link to the people that referred me and I can see why. Community Food Centres Canada is really interesting and I’m going to delve deeper when time allows. Enjoy, and share your impressions with us, please! Right now, I have to get ready for my meeting tomorrow with Community Futures.

UPDATE: I found a building! The Indian Friendship Society  is consolidating their facilities and closing a location in my community. It’s been there for over 10 years, is part of the community and has a mission similar to Our Heart Gardens, with the understanding that as the lives of Aboriginal people are improved, so are we all. Our Heart Gardens could walk into a ready-made facility. If Spirit wills it, the money and the program leaders will be drawn. We are being woven into the fabric of what life is when We are One!

The world may be having problems but I’m having a great time – am I playing a fiddle?

No, and I’m not the emperor of Rome, either!!

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