The First Plants are Going IN!!!

Plants need to be planted in the Spring (unless they’re growing indoors!) and there’s a garden ready and waiting…  JUMP, the Food Bank, Butler Motors and Aspen Electric have brought together the resources to create a public garden at the corner of Clapperton & Wilson, Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Glenn Hilke, of JUMP, the instigator of the garden, has been called away for a month and I answered the call for volunteer gardeners, but no one was there. I needed help! Knowing Barb Lundstrom, one of Glenn’s team, made it possible for me to find out what was going on and what was needed. She is getting the plants and seeds and other members of JUMP together, but they are all physically challenged. I contacted Dale Bass of Kamloops This Week and she’s putting the call out for volunteers on social media. The newspaper doesn’t come out till Tuesday and we have to get the onions planted now!

According to Barbara, planting must be done early or late so I’m meeting the JUMP team tonight. Tomorrow at 7:00 am I hope others join me because all JUMPers are otherwise engaged on Saturdays. Again in the evening from 7 until 10, then mornings and evenings until it’s done. The more help we have, the sooner we can go back to easy mornings. Bernadette Siracky of the Food Bank, has kindly offered respite for volunteers and an office for me to hang out in! She welcomed me warmly, happy to see someone willing to step up and take on this project that will feed many people, and give us all a garden we can grow together.

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