One Down… Next…

The Red Garden is planted and everything is growing like mad – it’s good to see results!  I’ve been away at an Earth Dreaming Retreat, following up on an intense dream that seemed to be asking, or telling me – something.  The Guidance for Gaia post is now up on WordPress and shared on FB & G+.  The dream is extremely pertinent, and provides comfort and encouragement to all who are open to that sort of thing – an important part of our cultures for as long as we’ve wondered ‘What’s next?’ but it has fallen out of favour with the current prevailing culture. Ah well, can lead a horse to water…

Now it’s time to get back to business – getting Our Heart Gardens established. On-line, similar types of facilities abound. While some might find it disheartening, seeing them as competition, what I see is collaborators and affiliates! Those people are involved in Being the Change as they interpret it and their expertise is valuable – there’s a teacher in the Bronx that has his students tending indoor gardens and planting in neighbourhood lots. I hope to hear back from him regarding his Green Bronx Machine. There’s also Will Allen and The Stop Food Bank, mentioned in previous posts, and many other diverse organizations, but few come close to the holistic vision of Our Heart Gardens.

One that is very close is a prospective location, better than the very visible (expensive) location I had my eye on before. The Interior Indian Friendship Society is selling their Parkcrest facility to consolidate their staff in their other location, close to the Red Garden and the Food Bank. Their programs are very similar, right down to providing bus tickets to participants! It’s on a bus route in a residential neighbourhood close to where I live, and the community is used to it already, and used to using it! They didn’t put in the garden this year because of their plans to sell, so greenhouses, or something similar, could be installed very easily! It’s time to contact Venture Kamloops again, show them the business plan that I’ve taken as far as I can, and see if we can put something together.

Thank you for your interest.  I treasure thoughts of creating places where I can show you some hospitality, meet you and greet you. Have some fun together!

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