COM21 & United Earth

Thank you for coming and I apologize that I haven’t been around much – believe me, it’s not because I don’t care – I’ve been a bit busy, as you’ll see in the recent post from my personal blog!

I don’t talk much there about the COM21 and I’d like to here because Our Heart Gardens is a major part of why I’m going – if not for the passion I feel about providing a way for every person to be empowered to be part of something that uplifts and supports them in a real way, I would not be involved with United Earth, the organization putting on the conference, in collaboration with the Zeitgeist Movement and the Meesteren Foundation.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk of unity and collaboration. Imagine what we could achieve if all the hundreds of millions of people and hundreds of thousands of groups talking about a brighter future, were to unite and collaborate towards a common cause and vision. As a United Earth initiative, the COM21 is inviting change-agents, grassroots leaders, organizations and movements to move beyond words – and into effective unified action.

The theme of COM21 is adventure and quest – a collective heroes’ journey, with a knightly code of conduct, that will catch the imagination of the world, from youth to Elder. We become heroes when we step off our own platforms to collaborate upon the creation of a plan for unified action. At COM21, we are not putting together pieces of a puzzle, figuring out how we will link together. Rather, we are creating the canvas for a masterpiece that we will create together–with the colours that we are…

It’s really quite amazing what has happened to get me to this point – and I think it is because of throwing myself into it with my whole heart, no thought of what I would “get out of it”. That’s my belief; we each choose our own, hopefully with a guide or mentor to help us choose well!

Oh, and while I’ve been busy, the seed I planted with the Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC) has sprouted! They have received funding for a ‘food hub’ and are considering using some of the concepts of Our Heart Gardens. When I get home from COM21 I’ll do my best to inspire them to use more than just “some”!

Please click over and read my blog post – I wrote it for you…


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