Back in Kamloops Again

I love how my life has now given me a break! I spent 9 months in Rotterdam with a group in an intentional community. We lived and worked on many aspects of the Our Heart Gardens concept. Unfortunately, the project closed and the participants disbursed across the world, but perhaps that’s how it’s supposed to be done! Their experience is seeded into the greater reality and, like dye thrown in water, it spreads!

I returned to Kamloops in Spring 2017 to trade in my PT Cruiser for a Chevy Van (for passengers! Not a camper) and took off on the road for 5 months to visit music festivals, other communities living with similar values and beautiful places throughout the central and western States. One of us, Rob Uzzell, is a film-maker and he’s posting videos now of some of the people we met; the places we visited. But tenting and being on the road takes stamina! I’ve come home to roost for awhile; house-sitting a place decorated in the Colorado/New Mexico style (a wall mural of the desert!) like a reassurance that I will return!

I have created a Patreon site and invite you there to keep up with developments – and new developments are anticipated. I’ve contacted Judy Villeneuve, City Councillor for Surrey, BC, (and Scilla Elworthy, author of The Business Plan for Peace, and the Dalai Lama) in response to a news story of a big homeless shelter they are creating. It is the city where I used to live; the city where this idea was born; the city where some of my most amazing experiences happened – like the Story of the Stones. If you aren’t familiar with it, be welcome to view my YouTube video playlist – it’s first up.

I don’t know where I’m going after the owner of the house comes home – but I traded in the van for a Honda that is very comfortable – if all else fails, I can sleep in it!! That’s silly; Mom is happy to put me up, but I am aware of the “edge of the cliff” and change is always expected…

One thought on “Back in Kamloops Again

  1. Your travels sound like a whirlwind journey. But I know it’s nice to get back home once in a while too.
    Love the video list! Looks like so much is going on! And who knows, after house sitting, and when the weather warms up again, you may be singing Willie Nelson’s anthem, “On The Road Again.”


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